What are the Risks of Tooth Extractions?

A tooth extraction is one of the most dreaded dental experiences of all but often necessary when a tooth is damaged beyond repair. If you need an extraction, there’s likely many questions about the procedure and what you can expect. The risks of the procedure probably weigh heaviest on your mind.

You’ll be happy to know that tooth extractions are relatively safe, but still major surgery. The procedure itself is pain-free and usually has few risks associated with it. Your doctor will provide a consultation to make sure you are a good candidate to go under the knife ahead of the work. It is aftercare that is most important and ensures that no problems result after an extraction.

When done improperly, a tooth extraction can result in many unwanted consequences. This includes nerve damage and nerve pain, and infections. These things are less likely to occur when you trust an experienced dentist for your extraction needs. You can also expect some numbness in the area after the extraction that should wear off within a few hours after the procedure.

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Listen to your dentist because he is the expert and in business to keep you safe. He’ll provide you with a list of information to follow for proper tooth extraction aftercare danville. You should adhere to this information exactly because you can prevent dry socket and other problems. Dry sockets are painful and can occur if you don’t take care of the extraction properly.

Tooth extraction aftercare is the best way to ensure a smooth, simple procedure. Take over-the-counter pain medication or use the medication prescribed by your doctor. Follow dentist instructions as well. With following proper protocol, you get a great experience and can ensure the best dental health possible.