Handling Mosquitoes

There are a lot of insects, pests and bugs that we need to deal with on a daily basis.  Some of these insects are great helps to our environment cleaning up all the dead waste that is left behind keeping our land pure and clean.  However, there are a few other insects that take up space, have no real value and don’t offer anything but destruction and disease.

The main insect that we want to talk about is the mosquito.  The mosquito is a pest that really serves no value to us except being the food for some birds.  For this reason, most people are really putting forth efforts to remove these insects from our environment.  They are doing it through hiring professional mosquito control brandon services and other means.

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Controlling their environment

The first way to manage anything is to control their environment.  Mosquitoes like to live in areas that are warm and moist.  This means that you can find them near water and tall grass.  To help keep them away you will want to make sure that your yards are clean and that you don’t have any standing water.

Mosquitoes will want to use water to lay their eggs and the tall grass to hide in.  Mosquitoes also love to come out at night so if you want to avoid them, you will want to protect yourself at night.

Creating a protection plan

The only true protection plan is to not be outside at night when mosquitoes are active.  These insects are act in the summer time when the weather is warm.  To protect yourself you want to perform a few specific steps.  The first is to wear light clothing.

With light clothing you will reflect your heat back into the atmosphere.  Mosquitoes love heat sources so if you can keep the heat off of you they will leave you alone.  You will also want to light candles and have fires going.  The smoke from the candles will create a barrier that mosquitoes don’t’ like.  And finally, you want to avoid drinking alcohol.  When we drink alcohol, we are changing our blood chemistry to something that they like.  Avoid alcohol and they won’t be attracted to you.