Embracing The Digital World

The world has been reduced to nothing but ones and zeroes.  Our digital universe is controlled by a keyboard and watched over by big brother.  For many, it seems that we have lost a lot of the human touch that we once had.  In the medical field, pharmacists used to come and do house calls.  Today, they hit a few buttons and send out your medications through e prescribing software.

Learning technology

One of the easiest but hardest things to do at the same time is learn technology.  When it comes to technology as soon as something is released something new hits the market.  For many people this is intimidating as well as annoying.  Once they learn something, they have to learn it all over again.  This has turned a lot of people off to technology.

Personal support

Another thing that seems to have gone away is personal support.  In the past, we used to have people come to us and give us support.  When we had questions, we were given the answers.  Today, we can never get a human being on the line and when we have a question about a subject were told to just Google It.

e prescribing software

Life is easier as well as harder

With technology we have created a much easier lifestyle for people.  They can work from home, can take care of their kids, make money and don’t have to worry about concerns and situations that they have no control over.  For others, life has become harder because they have decided not to adapt to the technology, are not skilled in new technologies and more.

Moving forward

Now that we have these basic core understandings and are trying to decide what to do, it is important that we look forward and not back.  We need to change our mindset and focus on creating something that will help move us forward instead of knocking us down.